NFB Film – Finding Farley

Last night we watched a delightful NFB film called Finding Farley. It follows as couple, their toddler, and dog as they wend their way across the country, mostly by canoe, visiting sites featured in the books of Farley Mowat. Besides the interesting premise, and many segments with Mowat himself, the film stands up on the strength of the quality of the filming. Besides the plotline, the movie is gorgeous, with amazing shots of the landscape and of the flora and fauna. The filmmakers are obviously well experienced in nature photography and manage to get impressive shots of horned owls, whales, wolves, bugs, caribou, etc.

Stream it for free here: Finding Farley

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  1. October 12th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Orion says:

    I watched this on the plane. I loved how, to my mind, their toddling son kind of took over the film. I almost didn’t pay attention to the musings of the voice-over letters — the images, as you note definitely said much more and were the strength of the movie. And the camera (and editor) clearly loved the kid, such that parenting and (children’s) nature become the subjects. at the beginning the son has plastic toys by the end he is playing with bones and feathers.

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