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Loius Riel: A comic strip biography by Chester Brown


I read this book a little while ago. It is a graphic novel biography of Loius Riel. I thought it was well done, the graphics are great and the narrative flows along. But i think perhaps Brown focused too much on the religious fanaticism of Riel, portraying him as mad and delusional, and not as an inspired political mind and leader. Despite his religious views, i think that Riel must have had an inpressive political intellect in order to have accomplished the things that he did (leading the rebellion, anticipating numerous government moves, strategizing, becoming elected to parliament in Ottawa while an outlaw, etc.). I would have liked to have read more about the political context of the time, and perhaps less about Riel’s personal inner turmoil and revelations…

Snowcake, a movie

I watched this move, Snowcake, last night and i found it inspiring. Technically i guess it is about autism, but i think it is more about how to live one’s life in a world filled with other people. The character with autism, Linda, played by Sigourney Weaver, because (not in spite) of her autism is able to remind Alex (Alan Rickman) that life is beautiful, especially in the form of snowflakes, flashing balls, and trampolines.

Military Coup in Honduras

I recently uploaded some articles by Dr. Juan Almendares to the Madre Tierra website.

Peacock Poverty Launched

Peacock Poverty, a new website”by and for poor people” in Toronto was launched last week. So far the postings and the website itself are very impressive.